FuturaSun reaches 1 GW production capacity of solar PV modules with its second factory in China

Italy-based solar module manufacturer FuturaSun announced it has reached an annual production capacity of 1 GW with its second factory in China.

The new FuturaSun plant is located in the industrial district of Taizhou in the Jiangsu province, just north of Shanghai and 200 km from its previous production site in Maanshan with two production lines and annual capacity is 550 MW.

The Taizhou production plant occupies a 20,000 m2 site and consists of two highly automated lines, guaranteeing an annual production capacity of 500 MW. The new production lines will process 166 mm to 210 mm half-cut cells for 2120 mm x 1050 mm modules with an increased number of busbars, which improves the panel’s efficiency and duration.

FuturaSun’s production plants use state-of-the-art technologies, including interdigitated back-contact cells (IBC) technology, cylindrical ribbon, glass-glass solutions and modules with independent sections.

Alessandro Barin, CEO of FuturaSun.

Having increased its production capacity, FuturaSun will allocate part of its production to the Asian markets.

Alessandro Barin, CEO of FuturaSun, said:

“Our entrepreneurial dream of development in the renewable energy sector has found a unique opportunity for growth in this bicultural dynamic. The secret has always been the same in all these years: commitment, teamwork, and trust, which result in the exchange of ideas, capitals, goods and services between countries.

2020 is being a challenging year, but the experience we made in 2010, when we were only two years old, taught us not to be afraid of crises but to transform them into opportunities. We closed 2019 with a three-digit increase in turnover. Even during the lockdown, we kept going, designing and launching three new modules, bringing renewable energy to new countries, organising virtual fair trades in multiple languages. In a race against the clock and despite the challenges this odd year has thrown at us, we have even doubled our production capacity.”

Source: News release provided by Futurasun. Photo credit: © Futurasun.