Heliatek completes solar OPV installation for Samsung in South Korea

German organic photovoltaic (OPV) solar film panels manufacturer Heliatek announced it has successfully completed its first installation project in South Korea. Together with strategic partner SAMSUNG Engineering, Heliateck intalled 160 m²  of HeliaSol  modules  on the roof of a gangway between two large office buildings of SAMSUNG Electronics innovation campus in Suwon City near Seoul.

It is the first large-scale organic photovoltaic project in South Korea, which Heliatek has identified as a market especially suited for Heliatek’s OPV solar film panels due to its favourable solar irradiance and large need for decentralized green energy  and  reducing  the rising costs of electricity.

PETA Engineering, as future Heliatek application partner in South Korea, has done the design and installation of the project. The site will be extensively monitored in terms of electricity yields and degradation.

SAMSUNG und PETA give the utmost priority to the environment, develop products and projects with improved environmental performance, and are explicitly looking for solutions that significantly improve the Carbon footprint. HeliaSol OPV solar film panels have huge potential for helping companies on achieving CO2 emission reduction targets. An installation with the size and location of the gangway system has the potential to save up to 4 tons of CO2e per year compared to the country’s electricity mix.

Guido van Tartwijk, CEO Heliatek:

“We are looking forward to further develop the partnership with SAMSUNG Engineering, with larger installations from our new manufacturing facility, in order to help SAMSUNG achieve its ambitious environmental goals.”

Source: Press Release by Heliatek. Photo Credit: Samsung SEC Gangway © SAMSUNG.