Total Solar Distributed Generation signs one of Thailand’s largest corporate solar power purchase agreements with Betagro

Singapore  – Total Solar Distributed Generation (DG) will provide agroindustrial company Betagro with solar-powered rooftops for 24 facilities across Thailand. The 25 MWp system will generate an estimated 38 GWh of renewable electricity per year, providing about 15% of the company’s total power consumption.

Annually, it will reduce CO2 emissions by 26,000 tons, which is equivalent to removing 4,325 cars annually.

Gavin Adda, CEO of Total Solar Distributed Generation for Southeast Asia said:

“Customers come to Total Solar to reduce power costs and carbon footprint in a sustainable way. Betagro wanted a partner that could provide them with peace of mind from a technical, financial and commercial perspective. We are excited to become a long-term energy partner for Betagro and proud to be trusted by them with such a landmark project.”

The project will create one of the largest corporate solar portfolios in Thailand. The PV system will combine more than 62,000 solar panels, equivalent to covering 36 soccer pitches.

Julien Pouget, Senior Vice President, Renewables at Total said:

“With this project in Thailand, Total Solar Distributed Generation continues to grow its reach in the dynamic solar market in Southeast Asia where renewables will represent 30% of power generation sources by 2040 (1). We are committed to helping our commercial and industrial customers drive down both their energy costs and carbon footprint by providing reliable fully integrated solar solutions.”

Mr. Vasit Taepaisitphongse, CEO and President, Betagro Group said:

“Betagro runs business on the sustainable way which not only improve society’s quality of life while reducing impact to environment. We also have strong interest in clean and environmentally friendly energy such as solar power. The implementation of these solar-powered solutions will be very beneficial to our operations, effectively managing to drive down our costs and the impact on environment. We are confident that the partnership with Total Solar Distributed Generation will help Betagro Group achieve these objectives.”




About Total Solar Distributed Generation Southeast Asia
Total Solar Distributed Generation (DG) Southeast Asias (SEA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Total dedicated to the development of distributed solar energy solutions, including solar-powered rooftops and ground-mounted solar panels. Active since 2018, Total Solar DG SEA has signed the largest solar rooftop projects in Thailand and Indonesia. We are one of the largest distributed energy providers in the region with a portfolio of over 500 MW of projects in development and operation.


About Betagro
Betagro is a country leader in the fully integrated agro-industrial and food business sector, also expand actively into pet care product and other related industries. The Group has developed strategic collaborations with local farmers. Examples include price guarantee for
broilers and layer chickens, contract farming for fattening swine, production and distribution of hygienic and fresh pork, chicken and eggs as well as manufacture of processed foods for domestic consumption and export to international markets. The Group is widely recognized
for its quality and safety standards. It has earned numerous accolades in product quality excellence and production standard certifications, locally and internationally, covering several areas from animal feed, livestock development, animal health products to premium quality food products for export and domestic consumption.

(1) Source : International Energy Agency.

Press Release by Total Solar Distributed Generation (DG). Photo credit:  © Total Solar Distributed Generation (DG). Gavin Adda, CEO of Total Solar Distributed Generation Southeast Asia (4th from front left), Vasit Taepaisitphongse, CEO and President of Betagro Group (4th from front right) with management teams; photo taken after contract signing.