Solarplaza’s Trade Mission set to unlock capital for solar projects in South East Asia

Quick Facts:

  • Event type: 5-day trade mission
  • Where: Vietnam and Thailand
  • When: 18-22 April 2016

Solarplaza, a leading international solar industry event’s organizer, has announced a 5-day trade mission, which will take place from 18th to 22nd April 2016 at Vietnam and Thailand.

Southeast Asia is emerging as a locus of attention for energy suppliers around the world. For the past decade, the region has witnessed a surge of energy demand along with rapid economic growth and demographic evolvement. International Energy Agency predicts that the surge of demand will continue and by 2030 countries in the region are expected to acquire an additional power generation capacity of 400 GW.

At the moment, renewable energies account for approximately a sixth of Southeast Asian countries’ energy mixes. Various nation states, i.e. Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia have scheduled expansion plans for installation capacity of renewable energies. Promising as it may sound, the industrial landscape of solar PV is still largely unknown to the outsiders.


Solarplaza’s Solar Facts & Figures provides insight into the regulatory framework, energy market dynamics, electricity pricing and much more.

For those who are striving to set a foothold in the region, questions regarding the markets, the policies and the consumers may arise: what role does solar PV play in Southeast Asia’s economies? What do the governments, nationwide and ASEAN-wide think about the solar PV? Most importantly, what should I do to embrace the opportunities while keep the risks under my watch?

The Solar PV Trade Mission Vietnam and Southeast Asia is aimed at answering these questions and many others by bringing together international players, including investors, financiers, project developers, consultants, manufacturers, lawyers and other solar stakeholders.

To get an overview of the policy framework and dynamics of Vietnam’s energy sector, you may download Solarplaza’s regional Solar Fact & Figures report and watch the Webinar jointly hosted by Solarplaza and Duane Morris Vietnam LLC.

To learn more about the 5-day Trade Mission in Vietnam and Thailand visit the event website: or contact Borja Gutierrez.


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Source: Press Release by Solarplaza. Image Credit: Solarplaza.