Ignitis Gamyba completes largest solar PV project in Lithuania and the Baltic states

Lithuanian utility Ignitis Gamyba announced it has completed the installation of a 3 MW solar power plant near Elektrėnai in Obeniai, which has been connected to a previously built 1 MW solar power plant, making the 4 MW solar complex the largest in Lithuania and the Baltic states.

The  4 MW solar power plant occupies a total area of about 5.5 hectares and is expected to generate up to 100 GWh of electricity and reduce greenhouse gas CO2 emissions by 74 thousand tons during its entire life cycle.

Ignitis Gamyba installed around 10,000 solar modules within a month and other contract work was performed by renewable energy company Eternia Solar, representing Spanish solar developer I+D Energías in Lithuania.

Ignitis Gamyba stated that if the demand for remote solar power continues to grow, the capacity of the solar park established near Elektrėnai can be expanded to 6.5 MW.

According to Ignitis Gamyba, this is the world’s first implemented project of geographically remote solar power plants operating nationwide. It also provides private and business customers with the opportunity to participate in the production of solar energy and it creates at the same time an open platform for developers of solar parks who want to sell their projects.

Rimgaudas Kalvaitis, CEO of Ignitis Gamyba said:

“In the spring, we installed a 1 MW solar power plant, and the customers have been using the generated “green” electricity since the beginning of the summer, and now we have the largest operating solar power plant in the Baltic States. We are glad that with our works we are contributing to the progress of solar energy that is finally taking place in Lithuania.”

Kalvaitis added:

“With the installation of a 3 MW solar power plant, electricity produced from renewable sources could be used by 1,500 – 2,000 families. At this stage of the project, part of the remote solar power plant is available to not only to private customers but also to business customers – companies, municipalities, kindergartens, schools and everyone else who wants to use clean electricity self-produced in the power plant.”

Source: Press release by Ignitis Gamyba. Photo credit: © Ignitis Gamyba.