Emergent Solar Energy commissions largest on-farm solar array in Tipton County, Indiana

West Lafayette, Indiana — As a growing number of farmers across the United States deal with financial difficulties from the COVID-19 pandemic, a Purdue University-affiliated company is working to help farms slash their carbon footprints and energy costs.

Emergent Solar Energy, headquartered at Purdue Research Foundation’s Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette, provides solar solutions to the commercial and industrial, municipal and agricultural sectors across the Midwest.

The company just placed a 124-kilowatt (KW) ground-mounted solar array on Harlow Farms in Tipton County, Indiana, to help the agricultural operation slash its carbon footprint and energy costs. It is the largest on-farm solar project in the county.

The solar project also features an Indiana species pollinator habitat planted under the array to aid the local bee and Monarch butterfly population.

Will Harlow, owner of the farm said:

“Every morning a potential energy source rises over the horizon to the east of my farm. It seemed a waste to not harness this daily free energy source, erasing some of what I take from the grid. The solar components’ being made in the United States was also important to me. I hope if any positive comes from this pandemic, it is that we must do what we can to get production of all kinds returning to America.”

This new solar project will supply 90% of the annual electricity needs of their entire farm facility which includes a 5600 hog finishing operation and a 230,000 BU grain storage system.

Jeremy Lipinski, managing partner of Emergent Solar said:

“This project was complex with four grid-tied meters, complete electrical service upgrade, and the use of directional boring as opposed to trenching. We had to balance the economics with the project aesthetics, and I feel as if we accomplished our goal.”



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About Emergent Solar Energy

Emergent Solar Energy is one of the leading commercial solar construction firms in the state of Indiana. Headquartered at Purdue Research Park, in West Lafayette, Indiana, the company provides solar solutions to the commercial and industrial, municipal and agricultural sectors across the state of Indiana. Emergent Solar seeks to bring renewable energy to the communities it serves and to help organizations gain energy independence while achieving their sustainability and stewardship goals.

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Press Release provided by Emergent Solar Energy. Photo credit: © Emergent Solar Energy.  24-kilowatt (KW) ground-mounted solar array on Harlow Farms in Tipton County, Indiana.