Nissan Starts Building Netherlands’ Largest Collective Solar Roof

The Nissan Motor Parts Center in Amsterdam announced this month that is it has begun the construction of the largest collective solar roof in the Netherlands. It consists of 8,911 panels, each able to generate 2.7 million kWh. Part of the project has been financed by crowdfunding via ZonnepanelenDelen [Solar Panel Bonds].

Nissan Motor Parts Center is the first company in the Netherlands to make its roof available to others for the production of sustainable energy on a large scale. The electricity generated is sufficient for the power consumption of 900 households. The first section becomes operational at the end of February, and the project will be fully completed in May.

With the installation of this immense solar roof, Nissan is taking a further step toward its strategy focusing on Intelligent Mobility, with sustainable energy as one of its cornerstones.

Koen Maes, Managing Director Nissan Benelux said:

“This project is perfectly suited to Nissan’s endeavours to make mobility smarter and more sustainable. That’s why we are working on sustainable energy production and on projects such as energy storage in used batteries, vehicles which return energy to the network and car sharing. The solar roof is one of the cornerstones.”

15 year long yield

What is remarkable about the project – in addition to the large scale – is that a wider public can participate in the project.”A ZonneDeel costs 25 euros. Anyone who supports solar energy but does not have a roof on which to install solar panels can still contribute directly to the growth of sustainable energy via these ZonneDelen,” states Sven Pluut, one of the founders of ZonnepanelenDelen. Participation delivers a 15-year long sustainable yield that is based on the amount of solar power generated and current electricity prices. The yield is paid out annually.

First major solar coalition

Amsterdam councillor for sustainability Abdeluheb Choho said:

“Amsterdam is going to have generate more solar power in the future and that’s why this is a great result. A partnership between residents and companies here has created the first major solar coalition, due in part to the borough’s sustainability fund. I hope that the courage and involvement demonstrated here by ZonnepanalenDelen and Nissan will set an example to other companies in Amsterdam.”

In total, 20,000 ZonneDelen, costing 25 euros each, are available. Sales begin on 15 November via

Thanks to a subsidy scheme (SDE+), the Nissan Solar Roof is offering a minimum price per kWh produced during its life. The ASN Bank and the sustainability fund of the borough of Amsterdam are providing joint financing of 3.2 million euros for the project. Project partners of the Nissan solar Roof are: Nissan Motor Parts Center, ASN Bank, Qurrent, Gemeente Amsterdam, de Zoncoalitie, JansZon, Stichting 1miljoenwatt and ZonnepanelenDelen.

Source: Press Release by Nissan.  Image Credit: © Nissan.