Environment America Report: Top 20 cities produce 6.5% of US solar

The report, “Shining Cities, Harnessing the Benefits of Solar Energy in America” released last week by Environment America Research & Policy Center highlights the nation’s top cities for solar panels deployed within their borders.

According to researchers who examined solar power installations in major cities in nearly every state, the top 20 cities for solar power installations accounted for 6.5 percent of the nation’s solar capacity, while using just a fraction of a percent of the nation’s land area.

Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix topped the list for most solar power installations, while Honolulu, Indianapolis, and San Jose led the way for the most solar panels per capita. While southeastern and southwestern cities dominated the rankings, cities outside the nation’s Sun Belt earning berths in the researchers’ “solar sweet sixteen” included Wilmington, DE; Newark, N.J; and New York City.



In the face of solar power’s rising popularity and feasibility, however, utilities across the country are campaigning intensely to increase fees for rooftop solar, which they see as a direct threat to their business model.

Environment America’s Energy Program Director Robert Sargent said:

“With prices going down and concern about global warming going up, solar power is growing rapidly across the country.We need federal, state, and even more city leaders to embrace the policies that allow solar to shine.”

As population centers, cities are home to large electricity markets, and can also have an important influence on the way grids are powered. From Portland, OR to New Orleans, to Jersey City, city leaders are embracing solar initiatives.

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Source: U.S. Cities shining examples of solar power’s promise Press Release by Environment America. Image Credit. CC Flickr.