Trina Solar completes acquisition of Spanish solar tracker system manufacturer Nclave

Trina Solar announced its acquisition of the remaining 49% equity in Nclave Renewable S.L. to make Nclave a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trina Solar.

Back in May of 2018, Trina Solar acquired a 51% stake in Nclave and became the first Chinese photovoltaic company to acquire an overseas solar tracker system company. The acquisition of the remaining equity is an important strategic deployment for Trina Solar, and will further enhance the company’s comprehensive market competitiveness.

Founded in 1999, Nclave specializes in the design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of fixed tilts and solar trackers, having more than 5 GW developed worldwide, offices on the five continents, and more than 300 projects carried out.

Nclave was listed as a “Top 10 Photovoltaic Tracker of 2019” in GTM Research’s “Global PV Tracker Landscape Report 2019” and its core components and structural designs have obtained many international patents in Europe, America, Spain, and other countries or regions.

The Nclave smart tracker is one of the core hardware products in Trina Solar’s one-stop smart photovoltaic solution, TrinaPro. Since its launch in 2018,  TrinaPro has provided high-value solutions to various photovoltaic power stations, greatly reducing their BOS costs while increasing system power generation capabilities.  TrinaPro has achieved rapid growth, and the demand for it has doubled in the overseas market.

With the PV industry entering the era of ultra-high power, Trina Solar has released the industry’s first 500W+ one-stop solution – TrinaPro Mega. Based on TrinaPro, TrinaPro Mega is equipped with 500W+ ultra-high power modules to further improve the overall performance of the solution and reduce the cost of electricity.

After the completion of the acquisition, Trina Solar will provide high-quality tracker products to the global market relying on Nclave’s industry-leading technological innovation advantages and rich experience in tracker R&D, production, and sales.

Wu Qun, Secretary of the board of directors of Trina Solar, said after the acquisition:

“Nclave’s technology accumulation in the field of smart trackers combined with Trina Solar’s State Key Laboratory’s leading technology research and development in the field of photovoltaics will further enhance our one-stop solutions as well as the efficiency of our tracker products. Trina Solar will continue to optimized integration and promote the synergy between ultra-high module products and Nclave solar tracker products in order to meet the core needs of customers and create greater value for customers.”

Source: Press Release by Trina Solar. Photo credit: © Nclave Renewable.