SolarReviews announces new online solar tax credit calculator tool to help U.S. homeowners and solar professionals

Oct 28, 2019 – Denver, CO., a SolarReviews company, has released the first Solar Tax Credit Calculator on their website. The tool is available, free of charge, for consumer use.

At face value, calculating the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for a residential solar project in 2019 is straightforward – simply multiply the total system cost by 30 percent. However, complications can arise for taxpayers if the tax credit exceeds the amount of federal taxes owed, in which case the tax credit’s value would be spread out over several years. The gradual step-down of the ITC starting in 2020 is another potential source of confusion.

Luckily, has a tool to simplify all of this confusion. The Solar Tax Credit Calculator is the only tool of its kind available, free of charge, to the public. The calculator uses tax brackets and standard deductions based on the 2019 tax year to estimate the credit amount and credit schedule for the homeowner. development manager Evan Nicoles said:

“We couldn’t find an existing solution to estimate if the solar tax credit will be applied to a single year’s tax payment or over multiple years, so we created one. While it’s always advised to consult with a tax professional for formal advice, our calculator can help homeowners estimate the implications of the credit on their tax bill and help solar professionals set better expectations for homeowners.”


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About SolarReviews:

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