MiaSolé and Solliance set record conversion efficiency of 23% for flexible perovskite/CIGS-tandem solar cells

MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp, a USA-based  wholly-owned subsidiary of Hanergy dedicated to providing CIGS production turn-key factories and manufacturing CIGS flexible solar panels, and Solliance, a public-private partnership of companies, R&D institutes and universities from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany,  announced they have established a new world record power conversion efficiency of 23% on a flexible solar cell.

The solar cell combines two thin-film solar cell technologies into a tandem solar cell stack: a top flexible semi-transparent perovskite solar cell with a bottom flexible copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) cell.

The CIGS bottom cell was developed by MiaSolé Hi-Tech. The CIGS cell used in this tandem architecture is based on a commercially available high efficiency flexible solar cell technology fabricated on ultra-thin stainless-steel foil using MiaSolé’s proprietary high throughput roll-to-cell manufacturing system

The perovskite solar cell was deposited on a transparent and flexible substrate, employed transparent conductive electrodes, and was optimized for maximum visible light conversion efficiency and infrared light transparency to allow the maximum infrared light to reach the bottom MiaSolé CIGS cell.

As a result of the combined expertise of MiaSolé Hi-Tech in CIGS development and manufacturing and the Solliance team in the area of perovskite technology, a new record efficiency flexible perovskite/CIGS tandem cell was produced.

Dr. Dmitry Poplavskyy, Director of Technology at MiaSolé added:

“Further improvements in spectral matching as well as overall higher CIGS cell efficiency are expected to push the tandem architecture well beyond 23%.”

Sjoerd Veenstra, Program Manager for Perovskite-based Solar Cells at Solliance said:

“A highly efficient flexible hybrid solar cell is an outlook on how perovskite solar cell technology can innovate the established solar technology, leading to a different application area with improved performance.”

Dr. Jie Zhang, CEO of MiaSolé said:

“As production efficiency of thin film solar quickly catching up to that of the crystalline solar technologies, the flexible nature of MiaSolé’s total solution will enable more innovations like this breakthrough achieved by partnering with Solliance. Solar energy enables energy independence, but it’s never an independent effort. MiaSolé is committed to global partnerships and our mission to change the world with thin film solar.”

Source: Press Release by MiaSolé and Solliance. Photo credit: © Solliance by Niels van Loon. Perovskite top cell held with sample of a flexible Miasole CIGS cell.