Saule Technologies to launch inkjet-printed perovskite solar cells prototype production line in Q4 2019 leading to commercialization

Solar technology company based in Poland, Saule Technologies, a pioneer in the development of solar cells based on perovskites by inkjet printing them on ultra-thin, flexible foils, announced it has reached the point of technology development to be able to print its flexible, lightweight, semi-transparent, single junction solar modules with a consistent 10% efficiency.

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Researchers discover that fluoride radically improves the stability of perovskite solar cells

Researchers from the TU/e have discovered that adding a small amount of fluoride to perovskite solar cells significantly increases their stability.

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New research finds alkali metals improve performance of perovskite solar cells

Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology, University of California San Diego and Massachusetts Institute of Technology reported in February new findings about perovskite solar cells that could lead the way to devices that perform better.

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