Chint Solar inaugurates 15 MW solar park in Andijk, Netherlands

Solar project developer based in the Netherlands, Chint Solar, which is part of the Chint Group that supplies solar panels throughout the world through its subsidiary Astronergy, announced the official opening of a new 15 MW solar park in Andijk, in the municipality of Medemblik, Netherlands, on November 8th. The opening ceremony was supported by government officials of the municipality of Medemblik.

Alderman Harry Nederpelt of the municipality of Medemblik, Netherlands planting the first trees.

The park has a capacity of 15 MW and supplies enough renewable energy for 4,622 households, roughly one quarter of all the Medemblik households. The solar park is a landmark for the region and its energy transition.

In 2017, Chint Solar started the realisation of a solar park with high-efficiency solar panels on a plot of land that was originally allocated as an industrial estate.

The solar park must be harmoniously incorporated into the surrounding landscape. That is why the Alderman Harry Nederpelt of the municipality of Medemblik opened the solar park by planting the first trees and shrubs of the surrounding line of trees.

The solar park has been realised in just a short amount of time over the last summer. The procedures which had to be followed for the development of the park did not meet with any objections and took three years to complete, and it blends in well with the surrounding landscape.

Alderman Nederpelt said:

“Energy transition means change. Within change,visibilityis an important factor. When people seechange, they will start to think, talkand most important: act. Compared to fossil energy, sustainable energy has the advantage of being visibleabove the ground. Therefore, the construction of this solar park is a very good example of visibleenergy transition”

Bernardo Silvestre, Regional Manager Europe Chint Solar said:

“Andijk Zuid is a milestone for us in the Netherlands and a perfect example of collaboration between all stakeholders. The coming period, and together with universities and other organisations, we want to use this solar park as a research area focusing on biodiversity and land use. We can then use this knowledge for future developments in the Netherlands and across Europe.”

Diederik Apotheker, Head of Business Development in the Netherlands at Chint Solar said:

“We incorporated landscape elements around the solar park right from the first designs for the park, so it fits perfectly within the environment”.A line of trees with a maximum height of three metres is planted around the park. This line consists of various kinds of trees, thus stimulating the local biodiversity, especially for insects and bees. It also keeps the solar park out of sight, making it look like an orchard which is in harmony with the rest of the region limiting the impact on how the landscape is perceived.

Apotheker added:

“We are glad that this project allows us to contribute to a sustainable future for the Netherlands. This is our second project that we have completed this year.Chint Solar is a pioneering company in the solar energy sector and is fully committed to contributing to a successful energy transition in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, turning away from fossil fuels and moving towards sustainable and clean energy for the future”.

Source: Press Release by Chint Solar. Photo Credit: © Chint Solar.