Solar Village Project implements solar powered water filtration project in India

Solar Village Project (SVP), a U.S. based non-profit organization whose mission is to install and manage solar power systems in rural villages in India, has announced its first water filtration project in Chikulia Village.

This latest project was implemented in early April 2018, providing safe drinking water to every home in Chikulia village, a small, rural community located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. SVP also distributed solar home lighting systems to all the homes in the village.

This project was carried out in partnership with Community Pure Water (CPW) a water purification company based out of Hyderabad India that specializes in installing and managing rural water purification systems. SVP provided a 5 kilowatt solar array to power the filtration plant that was installed by CPW.

Joe Kselman, Solar Village Project Director and founder, recently discussed the group’s first water project:

“Since we first began doing solar lighting projects 4 years ago the people in the villages have been asking us to help them get access to safe drinking water. By partnering with CPW we can finally start to do that. We’re excited to expand the scope of our mission to provide more assistance to communities we work with.”

Ground water tests conducted in Chikulia village before the water filtration plant was installed showed a contaminated water table with a total dissolved solids (TDS) level at over 800 ppm. The solar powered water filtration plant has reduced the TDS to just 65 ppm and is capable of generating 500 liters of potable water per hour, enough to provide every home in the village with 20 liters of water per day.

Prior to the filtration plant being installed, the villagers relied on open wells and hand pumps for all of their water needs. With access to safe drinking water the inhabitants of Chikulia will no longer be subject to the frequent water borne illnesses associated with drinking unfiltered and untreated ground water.

Source: Press Release by Solar Village Project (SVP). Photo Credit: Solar Village Project.