Post-show Report of PV Guangzhou 2017

As the most international PV show in China, this August the 9th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition (PV Guangzhou 2017) once again gave a solid push to worldwide PV trade.

Fact Sheet

(up by 30%)
35,000+ person-times
Oversea BuyersShow Floor
(up by 60%)
30,000 sq.m
Regional Analysis of Oversea Buyers
South AsiaAfricaSoutheast AsiaMiddle EastTaiwan/Hong Kong/Macao
North AmericaSouth AmericaOtherEuropeOceania

Partial Feature Exhibitors

INVT, SAJ, Longi, Goodwe, Topray Solar, CSG Holding, Auto-One, SRNE, SunicSolar, Sofar Solar, 5Star, Growatt, SAKO, King Feels, Almaden, and more.

Hundreds of Cooperation Agreements Took Place on a Daily Basis

According to post-show feedback from exhibitors, 88% were very satisfied with the show result.


It is especially worth mentioning that at the show, our company reached an agreement with Cheng Xin Shang Hui and Luxen Solar to jointly explore a brand new development model for PV poverty alleviation projects.

Dejiu Solar

Our most popular product and service were PV module and distributed power station construction. In 3 days, we received over 100 clients and signed over 60 business memos.


As China’s leading household inverter supplier, we won the universal praise from on-site buyers with a rich product variety and successful project case presentation. After thorough inquiries about our products, many buyers placed orders on-site or expressed their desire for cooperation in the near future.

Global Professional Visitors increased by 60%

The drastic 60% increase of oversea buyers was a major breakthrough for this year. Most Chinese PV suppliers rely heavily on export trade. This annual significant increase of quality oversea buyers is one of the key incentives for so many exhibitors to come back or newly join us every year.

In the main made up of contractors and exporters/importers, most oversea buyers were here for inverters, PV modules, and solar applications. By cross-checking the exhibitor composition, it can be seen that PV Guangzhou has attracted the right target buyer group for the exhibitors.

What’s more, with the concurrently held Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition 2017 (AWHE 2017) and Asia (Guangzhou) Battey Sourcing Fair 2017 (GBF Asia 2017), PV Guangzhou 2017 shared a large crowd of mutual buyers who were looking for solar water heaters and batteries.

Belt and Road Forum for PV Development

To help insiders grasp every potential business, the Belt and Road Forum for PV Development was held concurrently with PV Guangzhou 2017, headlined by over 20 high-achieving new energy specialists. The forum focused on the reading of national solar policy, innovation of distributed PV system, project investment, the latest technical development, among other topics.

The climax of the forum was the panel discussion on possible challenges and business opportunities brought by Belt & Road Initiative. Due to the quality input from the panelists and the highly pertinent discussions, this session was the most well attended throughout the whole forum. All in all, the forum was greatly appreciated by the engaged audience and a lot of them voiced their wish for the forum to be extended into a longer event next year for they had  such a fruitful day this year.

China’s Best “Top Runner” PV Projects Award

Distributed PV has gained a prominent standing in China’s PV policy in recent years. In responding to this market trend, China’s Best “Top Runner” PV Projects Award was established to recognize the excellence of 18 distributed PV generation station projects in China.

Based on the vote of an expert panel and thousands of online insiders, the result of the award was unveiled at the reception dinner of PV Guangzhou 2017 along with an on-site display of award-wining projects for worldwide insiders to study and learn from. Many attendees deemed this occasion as an excellent chance to network with worldwide industry leaders as well to strengthen their corporate presence in the sector.

All 18 award winners are as follows:

ProVista CareGinlongSofarSolar
Tian YaoLieriYoumin Energy
Tian Ma SolarGrowatt
Infinity New Energy


PV Guangzhou 2018 Edition



Right after the success of PV Guangzhou 2017, the organizing committee is now about to kick-start yet another intense 12-month preparation for PV Guangzhou 2018 which is going to take place the same date and same venue as this year.

To register for this yearly PV event as visitor click here. To register as an exhibitor click here. For more information visit the event website.