HelioPower Completes 215.7kW Solar Power System for SkyRose Ranch

US-based provider of integrated energy solutions HelioPower announced the successful completion of a 215.7 kiloWatt (kW) DC commercial photovoltaic system at the Southern California facility of SkyRose Ranch.

SkyRose Ranch is a homestead of 20,000 acres where they raise natural fed cattle, produce alfalfa, cultivate grain-hay and sponsor veterans’ programs through the nonprofit organization Serving California. The installation used 1,014 Solar PV modules with 9 Three Phase Inverters, which powered 3 main areas of the site including: agriculture pumping and ranch facilities.

The 215.7kW solar power system is augmented with PredictEnergy, a cloud-based software that provides real-time energy data with cost analysis capabilities to support SkyRose’s efforts to reduce their electricity consumption and energy costs. This software also helps ranch management optimize energy production and minimize the impact of peak electrical demands.

By combining PredictEnergy with solar PV, and utilizing satellite based communications at the remote installations, SkyRose Ranch can now quantify and record system performance.

Facility operator’s control of the business is enhanced with greater efficiency and reliability, thus, becoming a natural extension of sustainable value, clean energy sources and reduced carbon emissions.

Said Rick Scantlin, SkyRose Ranch Manager said:

“We selected HelioPower because of the company’s long-standing reputation for delivering safe, high-quality and reliable products. SkyRose is one of the largest privately owned agricultural organizations in California. Our investment in solar energy is a great example of employing a sustainability strategy that reduces electricity consumption throughout our business.”

Mike Murray, Director of Commercial Operations, HelioPower said:

“Through high-level performing Solar PV modules and the PredictEnergy energy software, SkyRose Ranch can quantify and optimize energy costs. This project demonstrates that our distributed generation strategies and predictive analytic tools work together to maximally reduce operational costs at SkyRose Ranch.”

Source: Press Release by HelioPower. Image Credit: © HelioPower.