Swiss manufacturer TVP Solar awarded Solar Keymark certification for best performing solar thermal collector

TVP Solar, a Swiss company which designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative high-vacuum mirrorless solar thermal collectors, announced on April 10 the one-year study of its solar thermal panels at a live client site in Kuwait’s first solar thermal-driven commercial air conditioning system. The results prove TVP’s best-in-class performance operating up to 200°C as recently certified by Din Certco Solar Keymark. The solar field in Kuwait produces a massive amount of thermal energy – 750 kWh/m²/year – with a peak efficiency of 57%, validating certification values.

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Kuwait’s Pioneering Project Helps Co-operative Retailers Go Solar

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) has recently embraced a number of pilot projects designed to promote the use of solar energy. Among them is the project titled: “Energy Efficiency and Photovoltaic Systems Pilot applications for Co-operative Societies”, which aims to enhance the energy efficiency of selected Coops as well as to encourage the use of photovoltaics for electricity generation.

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