Iberdrola plans to build Europe’s largest photovoltaic plant in Extremadura, Spain

Iberdrola announced that is is moving forward with its renewables strategy with the Francisco Pizarro project which, with 590 MW and an investment totalling more than €300 million, will become Europe’s largest photovoltaic solar plant.

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Iberdrola sells 50MW solar thermal power plant in Spain to Ence Energía

Spanish power utility Iberdrola has agreed to divest its solar thermal power asset located in the town of Puertollano, Ciudad Real (Spain) by selling it to pulp and renewable biomass energy producer Ence Energía, S.L.U. The transaction involves the sale of 90% of the shares in Iberdrola Energía Solar de Puertollano, S.A., the company which owns the 50-megawatt (MW) solar thermal generation unit.

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