Pexapark releases country-specific long-term renewable PPA price reports in the European market

Renewable Swiss FinTech Pexapark, dedicated to providing advisory and enterprise software for the monitoring and management of renewables in open markets, announced it has released country-specific long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) price reports for renewables in the European market.

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Pexapark states it is the first in Europe to make long-term renewables PPA prices publicly available with the aim to provide more transparency for developers, investors and producers to better understand the market dynamics, reduce transaction costs and make more informed decisions on PPA contracts and assets investments.

Luca Pedretti, Co-Founder and COO of Pexapark:

“If you need long term PPA prices for your renewable project, it is not difficult but very time consuming. You must go out to the market, sign multiple NDAs and procure quotes. To simplify the process and bring transparency, we have built our own model as offtakers have, and are able to calculate exact PPA Prices for your renewable project.”

Pexapark run a state-of-the art valuation model for energy price risks. The model values long-term PPA in the same manner as traders and utilities and is constantly calibrated with market prices, which provides accurate long-term PPA prices for renewables.

The reports contain:

  • PPA Index Prices at a glance by country and updated monthly.
  • Long-term PPA price evolution based on a benchmark asset (wind or solar), tailored to the respective country.
  • Country-specific long-term forward curves updated monthly as an indication of the valuation of a long-term PPA contract.
  • Detailed breakdown of risks and prices that make up the PPA price, such as baseload, liquidity, and profile.
  • 3 regions available (Nordics, Italy and Spain) and more coming up.

The PPA Price Reports are free. To receive country specific free montly updates click  here. For more information visit Pexapark website.

Pexapark, founded in 2017, by Michael Waldner, Luca Pedretti and Florian Müller has grown rapidly working for more than 3,000MW of renewable projects throughout Europe and the US.

Source: Press Release by Pexapark.