Sol-Ark 8K multi-mode inverter is certified as EMP proof

Texas-based engineering company Sol-Ark, dedicated to designing and building efficient battery based hybrid inverters, announced  in June the introduction of the new Sol-Ark 8K multi-mode inverter, the first of its kind capable of resisting  a Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse or Solar Flare Event.

Sol-Ark 8K running with batteries and Solar Panels

National Technical Systems Inc. (NTS), which specializes in testing, inspection and certification services, performed a MIL-STD-461G test program at twice the required EMP intensity for the Sol-Ark 8K electromagnetic pulse (EMP) hardening, and verified the Sol-Ark 8K Solar Generator withstood >100KV/m EMP while in use.

The Sol-Ark 8K uses 6 technologies of protection. 100KV/m was the limit of NTS test equipment. The same 8K unit was pulsed over 140 times with 3 axis of rotations without impact. Sol-Ark EMP Suppression system protected the Sol-Ark 8K, solar panels, and electronic appliances plugged into it.

Other DC Coupled battery inverters have ~14% system level losses converting solar power to AC power. Sol-Ark next generation design delivers a record setting 4% losses.

The Sol-Ark 8K internally manages power from multiple sources: 12KW Grid, 10KW Solar, Batteries and Generator. When operating without grid power, the Programmable Smart Load output allows you to run high powered 240V loads without the danger of using up all your stored power.

Its 20,000W Peak Power allows starting heavy-duty well pumps, air conditioners, and air compressors that overload less powerful inverters.

Source: Press Release by Sol-Ark. Photo Credit: © Sol-Ark.