Inovateus Solar Completes Largest PV Installation in South Bend for Notre Dame University

US solar developer, EPC and product supplier, Inovateus Solar, has completed a 144.72-kilowatt (KW) solar photovoltaic installation for the University of Notre Dame. The ground-mounted system is located at the Kenmore Warehouse storage facility and is the largest solar array built by the university to date as well as the biggest PV installation in South Bend.

The Kenmore solar system is connected to the main electric power feed for the building and will generate approximately 194,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, offsetting nearly one-third of the total electricity used by the facility. A net-metering agreement signed between the university and Indiana Michigan Power calls for any power generated in excess of the building’s immediate demand to be fed into the local grid for use by the utility and credited to Notre Dame.

TJ Kanczuzewski, president and CEO of Inovateus Solar said:

“The Kenmore project has brought Inovateus’ mission of building a brilliant tomorrow into our own community and has deepened our already-strong ties to Notre Dame. Both as intensive energy consumers and sustainability leaders, colleges and universities like Notre Dame represent a compelling economic and sustainability use case for large-scale solar and renewable energy deployment.”

John Affleck-Graves, Notre Dame’s executive vice president said:

“We would like to thank Inovateus for their efforts on the Kenmore Warehouse installation, which adds another important component to the university’s sustainability commitment. Along with solar power applications, we are implementing a number of strategies to reduce our carbon footprint to be good stewards of our environment.”

The system is estimated to reduce the university’s carbon dioxide emissions by some 296,000 pounds the first year, and nearly 2000 tons over its lifespan of some 20 years. Those avoided emissions are equivalent to removing 25 automobiles from the roads or planting more than 31 acres of trees.

Inovateus is developing and building several other major projects in the Midwest and adjacent regions, including a multi-site solar parking canopy installation at Michigan State University, which will be completed later this year and become the largest solar carport in North America.

Source: Press Release by Inovateus Solar. Image Credit: Inovateus Solar.