Sofos Jamaica installs 1MW for Grenlec utility in the Caribbean island of Grenada

Sofos Jamaica, a subsidiary of the Spanish multinational group Sofos Energy with offices in Kingston, announced the completion of  several photovoltaic systems for the utility company Grenlec in different locations of the Caribbean island in Grenada, reaching a total capacity of 1 MW.

The first photovoltaic installation performed by Sofos for Grenada Utility Company Grenlec  included the project on its  headquarters carport with an output of 168 kW AC / 196.56 kW DC, which will not only  generate solar electric power but also provide shade for employees’ vehicles.

The second project involved the installation of  a photovoltaic system of 118 kW AC / 132.3 kW DC on the roof of the Queen’s Park Power Station, followerd by another solar  PV project on the outskirts of the station.

Finally, Sofos completed a ground mounted photovoltaic plant of 280 kW AC / 340 kW DC, with a 10 degree inclined structure built in Plains Parcel.

These facilities have been set up with a total of 2,976 polycrystalline panels of 315W each, and a total of 34 inverters of different power (8 kW, 15 kW, 20 kW and 25 kW).

Rooftop systems feature anchoring and insulation systems in order to cover buildings efficiently. On ground systems have been fixed to the ground through Galvanized piles, adapting them to the topographic and geotechnical conditions of the land. As for car park systems, Sofos also provided all the parking structure which provides shade to vehicles as well as support the installation of photovoltaic panels. Sofos car parks are designed for areas where there are risks of maximum speed winds and extreme weather conditions.

All solar PV systems will feed energy to the grid. This will contribute to reduce the consumption of electricity generated through fossil fuels, the most common electricity resource on the island of Grenada which is costing Jamaica more than US$2 billion annually, according to Sofos.

Sofos states that this project constitues a step forward in its internationalization process proving its vocation of leadership and service in the markets where it is present. From Jamaica, Sofos is serving the whole Caribbean region of the West Indies, and in the coming years it plans to implement various facilities on islands such as Grenada, St Lucia and Aruba, among others.


About Sofos Jamaica

Founded in Spain in 2004, Sofos is a corporate group that develops its activities within the renewable energy sector as specialists in solar energy. By 2015, Sofos had a portfolio with more than 300 finished projects with a total energy storage capacity of more than 30 MW.


Source: Press Release by Sofos Energía. Image Credit: Sofos Energía.