EPIA to Develop Solar PV O&M Best Practices for European Solar Sector to Secure Investments

The European Photovoltaic Association (EPIA) announced last week that a solar PV Operations and Maintenance Task Force has begun work, together with its members, to develop O&M best practice guidelines for the European solar sector, over the second half of the year.

EPIA has brought together expert stakeholders, service providers and asset managers to drive the discussion and produce guidelines that PV plant owners, the financial community and sector can benefit from.

The task force, which is led by First Solar, includes leading solar companies with European and global activities: 3E, 7C Solarparken, Adler Solar, Alectris, DuPont, Enel Green Power, Enphase, Fortum, Lark Energy, meteocontrol, Primrose solar, Solarcentury, tco-solar, Trina Solar and UL.

The task force acknowledges the emerging importance of O&M to ensure the future performance of solar.

Senior Director O&M EMEA First Solar, Stefan Degener said:

“It is perfect timing for EPIA to take on the development of solar PV O&M best practices. Without appropriate and thorough O&M services PV power plant revenues are at risk-The members of the Task Force prove with their interest and work that there is a need for these guidelines. We have been supporting this initiative from the beginning and will contribute to ensure solar PV plants’ reliable performance and long-term profitability.”

EPIA CEO James Watson added:

“Best practices to support solar PV operations and maintenance are critically important to PV solar becoming a serious energy generator here in the EU and globally. Initiatives are emerging in the U.S. and other markets to aggregate industry knowledge into standardized recommendations. With our new solar PV O&M group, EPIA is leading efforts to ensure those practices are available to our sector”.

EPIA will promote these guidelines across Europe and drive the consensus process amongst high-level experts from the O&M and asset management business. The final outcome will be the adoption of the guidelines by all relevant sector stakeholders.

Source: Press Release by EPIA. Image Credit: EPIA.