Dubai announces first smart initiative to connect solar energy to houses and buildings

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) announced on Sunday in a press conference held at Grand Hyatt hotel in Dubai, the start of DEWA’s first smart initiative, Shams Dubai, to regulate the generation of solar energy in buildings and their connection to DEWA’s grid.

Smart Dubai Initiatives

As part of the Smart Dubai Initiative aimed at transforming Dubai into the smartest city in the world in three years through various smart initiatives and services, DEWA has launched three pathbreaking programmes to drive sustainable development in the Emirate.


The First Initiative

Connecting solar energy to houses and buildings

This initiative aims to encourage households and building owners to install photovoltaic solar panels to generate electricity. The PV solar system will be connected to DEWA’s grid. Electricity produced will be consumed within the premises and the surplus will be exported to the network. This encourages the use of renewable energy and increases its share in the energy mix.

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The Second Initiative

Smart Meters and Grids

DEWA will provide various benefits and new applications to its customers, including automatic and detailed readings which will be available to customers to monitor actual consumption for a specific period of time to better understand and manage bills. Additionally, such data will enable comparisons to be made with average norms.

The Third Initiative

Infrastructure and Electrical vehicles charging stations

This project includes establishing charging stations for electric vehicles in various areas of Dubai and to enhance grid efficiency. DEWA is installing and managing both the infrastructure and the operation of electric vehicles. DEWA supports the introduction of electric vehicles in order to decrease air pollution and protect the environment against the impact caused by transport sectors in the emirate.


Smart Initiatives Infographic


Source: DEWA announces Shams Dubai to regulate generation of solar energy in buildings and connection to its grid Press Release & Fact Sheet by DEWA. Images Credit: DEWA.