Thin-Film solar products contest to award over $600,000 in cash prizes

To raise more awareness for thin-film solar, Hanergy Thin Film Power, a leading solar manufacturer, has launched the Thin-Film Solar Product Global Innovation Competition in cooperation with several international design centers and SfunCube, the world’s most vibrant ecosystem for solar start-ups.


Thin-film solar can be bent and shaped, and applied to fabrics, plastic shells, metals, or almost any material. And because it’s thin and lightweight, it’s ideal for portably charging battery-powered gear, accessories, and large and small consumer devices.

Light, flexible thin-film solar technology has developed to a point where it can now be used to generate solar power for a wide range of small and large consumer and industrial devices, yet many designers and engineers are unaware of the technology’s usefulness for these applications.

The grand-prize winner will receive approximately $160,000 plus complimentary travel to one of several R&D labs around the world, with the opportunity to commercialize and bring the product to market. The total cash awarded for all prizes in the different categories is worth about $629,000.

Initial contest submission deadline is May 10, 2015. For more information about the Competition and the potential of thin-film solar, go to

Source: Solar Product Ideas Wanted — Reward: Over $600,000 in Cash Prizes Press Release & Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Product Global Innovation Competition. Contest Featured Image & Video via Hanergy Video: Hanegy.