Google to start testing solar-powered Internet drones

Google is gearing up to test its solar-powered drone project – dubbed “Project Titan” – sometime this year as part of its continued efforts to bring service to some of the four billion people without Internet access.

Sundar Pichai, a senior VP at Google who oversees Android, Chrome and Google apps, made the announcement during a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Monday. Pichai said the lightweight drones will serve as remote satellites for areas without Internet service.

According to Pichai, the drones will be able to hover over areas and act as a hot spot to supply web connections to those below.

Google also plans to use the drones in areas that have been knocked offline during natural disasters or weather incidents.

The above is an excerpt of Google to start testing solar-powered Internet drones by Nicole Bogart for Global News Canada. Image Credit: Sam Churchill via Flickr.