Strategic partnership brings affordable solar power to Tanzania’s off-grid consumers

PayGo solar expert Azuri Technologies, leading mobile network operator Tigo and principal cellular retail operator Lotus Africa announce at Mobile World Congress their strategic partnership to bring integrated pay-as-you-go energy and mobile payment services to rural households in Tanzania.

The partnership aims to bring solar power, mobile phone charging and mobile money services to over 100,000 rural off-grid consumers in the next 2 years, building on Tigo’s extensive distribution networks and leading mobile money payment system which is called Tigo Pesa.

The Tigo Pesa mobile payment service provides a secure and easy way for users to pay for their weekly top-ups. This innovative approach of providing renewable energy on a pay-as-you-go basis unlocks the potential for low income, off-grid households to stay connected and take full advantage of daily energy access.

Lotus Africa will distribute and service the solar home systems, providing a wide network of support for customers. This will allow the offering to reach and service even the very remotest communities of Tanzania.

The above is an excerpt of Tigo to bring PayGo energy to rural Tanzania with Lotus and Azuri by Azuri Technologies. Image Credit: Azuri Technologies and Tigo.