One of only seven solar laboratories in the world is opening in Stockholm

One of the few solar laboratories in the world is opening at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

“Because there are so few facilities of this type in the world, we started by building one,” says Björn Laumert, associate professor at the Department of Energy Technology at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management.

In three years, he along with a number of graduate students and technicians built up the KTH Solar Lab, with a solar simulator to enhance knowledge and research on, among other things, concentrated solar power, or thermal solar power.

About the Solar Lab

KTH Solar Lab has few counterparts in terms of focus and capacity of other universities. There are seven in total in the world.

The laboratory will be used for research in the areas of testing, development and demonstration of concentrated solar power, concentrated solar power, solar installations, high temperature solar reactors and high temperature materials at relevant component scales. The simulated flow of light can create conditions corresponding to both the desert and a typical Swedish summer.

The laboratory is open to use both Swedish and international companies and government agencies.

The above is an excerpt of Hot research under the (simulated) sun by Jill Klackenberg for KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Image Credit: Håkan Lindgren via KTH Royal Institute of Technology.