Solar energy currently cheapest and cleanest alternative to fossil fuels, reveals new research

The positive effect of solar energy as a sustainable energy source offsets the negative impact of the production of solar panels. This applies to energy consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions during the production process, according to a comprehensive study by Atse Louwen and Wilfried van Sark from Utrecht University and colleagues from University of Groningen and Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. Their research results were published 6 December in the leading journal Nature Communications.

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E.ON and Sungevity Launch UK Collaboration

E.ON UK and Sungevity, Inc.  a leader in the international solar market, announced yesterday a new ‘Go Solar’ regional program in the UK, offering customers solar panel systems for their homes. This marks the third country in which the two companies have joined forces, following their successful launches in the Netherlands in 2014 and in Germany earlier this year.

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How to sail through space on sunbeams – solar satellite leads the way

by Matteo Ceriotti, University of Glasgow

A new kind of spacecraft that sails on sunlight has just been successfully deployed above Earth. The LightSail satellite overcame last week a series of glitches to unfurl its solar sails, a propulsion system that’s entirely different to traditional rockets, thrusters or even solar panels.

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Edinburgh to install largest community-owned urban solar project in the UK

The City of Edinburgh Council announced this week that it is to install what is believed to be the largest community-owned urban renewable energy project ever undertaken in the UK in partnership with the Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative (ECSC), supported by Energy4All.

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First Solar’s modules offer over 4% more energy than silicon PV panels in South Africa

Independent research into the performance of four solar photovoltaic (PV) module technologies in South Africa has confirmed that First Solar’s advanced thin film PV modules can offer over 4 percent more energy than conventional silicon PV panels.

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